One of my favorite radio interviews of all time was with a 13-year-old kid from the Bronx. Well, at least he was that kid from the Bronx in the early 1960s when he grew up as he likes to say “in the shadows of Yankee Stadium.” I first interviewed Andy Strasberg in the early 2000’s after I had heard him on a Nationally syndicated talk show. His story was so compelling, that I really felt like I had to get him on my show to talk to him myself.

I remember getting all kinds of questions prepared for Andy. However, when he started into his story about growing up a fan of New York Yankee great Roger Maris and how the two of them became friends and the amazing events that unfolded… I knew I wasn’t going to say much.

Andy’s story has been described as everything from magical to unbelievable, and it is just that. He will tell you that the best way to describe it is that “it’s true.”

I recently had Andy on again as a guest on City Talk. We talked briefly about his Roger Maris story, but mostly I wanted to get to some of those questions. Remember the questions? Andy had other ideas… he captivated me once again with some very entertaining stories.

You can hear the interview that I recently had with Andy here in two parts, where we talk about, among other things, his book “Fantography” which I’m proud to say features one of my photographs, the time Andy got to be the third base umpire at an Old-Timers game, and his cameo in the HBO Films movie “61” which was about the summer that Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle challenged Babe Ruth’s single-season home run record. Oh… and there was also the time that Andy was responsible for the situation that ended up with Padres coach Whitey Wietelmann punching Peter Tork (The Monkeys) in the face. Oh yeah, that’s here too!

Check out the full interview here in two parts:




I encourage you now to go one step further and spend another one hour and nineteen minutes of your time to watch Andy’s one-man, one-act play called “That’s Baseball” in which you will get to hear his Roger Maris story in its entirety. It’s well worth your time, and you will want to thank me after you watch it. It’s amazing, magical, unbelievable, but… IT’S TRUE! You’ll smile until your face is sore. I promise you.

Here it is... "That's Baseball!"

Andy Strasberg's "That's Baseball" A Mama's Boy (with Andy's Roger Maris Story) - from ZZYMOCK on Youtube

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