When it comes to sweet treats and delicious desserts Massachusetts is second to none. Boston Creme Pie is one of the big desserts that the Bay State is known for founding which was back in 1856 at the Parker House in Boston (now known as Omni Parker House). Let's be honest, who can pass up delicious sponge cake, custard, and chocolate glaze?

We can't forget that the classic and delicious chocolate chip cookie was founded in Whitman in the Toll House Restaurant which at the time (late 1930s) was run by Ruth Wakefield. Who doesn't love a good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookie to top off a tasty meal?

One sweet treat that I really love that is tied to the Baystate is Marshmallow Fluff. Fluff goes all the way back to 1917 in Somerville, Massachusetts. Of course, people typically create Fluffernutter sandwiches combining the product with peanut butter in between two slices of bread. I love those sandwiches but I also like to take a teaspoon of Fluff and drop it into a mug of hot chocolate on a cool, crisp fall day. Now that's what I'm talking about.

Another treat that I particularly enjoy which was founded in Boston is the Hoodsie ice cream cup. The mix of chocolate and vanilla side-by-side in the little cup is a happy ending to a hot meal.

As you can see, quite a few sweet treats and desserts were created in Massachusetts and we haven't even covered all of the treats on the list. With Massachusetts having such a collection of notable treats created here, you'll more than likely find something that you enjoy from the list below that particularly pertains to Halloween. If you are having a Halloween party or just want something sweet and delicious on this year's spooky holiday check out these 34 dessert options. Recipes included.

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