We were talking about the top 13 reasons why people get pulled over in Massachusetts today on the show. Speeding was most definitely on the list as you would imagine.

Last week, "a speeding ticket", was the answer to one of the trivia questions.

Jake answered the question correctly and ironically, he says he has NEVER even been pulled over. Not only has he never been cited for speeding, but has not even been pulled over! I don't know if I believe him. 😂

On the other hand, I have been cited for speeding probably 5 times, not including "warnings".

The last citation for speeding I received was on Peck's Rd. about ten years ago. I was clocked going 48 MPH in a 35 MPH zone. I remember the officer asking me, "Do you know why I pulled you over?" I should've just apologized and said, "Yes." Maybe I would have got off with a warning?

Even though most know they're guilty when they're stopped for speeding, their ego kicks in and says, "Ya know those cops, gotta meet their quota!"

Do Police Departments In Massachusetts Have Ticket Quotas?

Police Officer Writing Ticket

In actuality, they do not, it's a common misnomer, and it might even be illegal.

Remember the whole Massachusetts State Police overtime scandal involving speeding tickets and alleged quotas?

Here's a statement from a Massachusetts State Police spokesman from March of 2019.

Ticket and citation quotas are illegal in Massachusetts, a Boston-based attorney said, citing a Massachusetts Appeals Court decision and state law. -masslive.com

Although it's awful getting pulled over and cited for speeding, the point is to slow you down and deter aggressive driving, not because law enforcement needs to meet a monthly number.

I hope you found this post informative.

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