Doesn't anyone take that old(but true) adage, "Crime Does Not Pay" seriously anymore? Well, apparently not, as more and more young and budding criminals get caught doing some pretty stupid shenanigans.

This most recent incident happened Tuesday night in Springfield. According to the Springfield Police Department, four men are facing firearm charges(plus numerous other charges) after Springfield police arrested all four of them inside a convenience store at approximately 7 p.m. Tuesday evening.

Springfield Police released details on the incident through a media statement. It seems that Detectives of the Springfield Police Department's Firearms Investigation Unit, under the direction of Lieutenant Brian Beliveau, seized four guns and arrested four men at a Dickinson Street convenience store.

Prior to making these arrests, Detectives had been notified that these four men were in possession of firearms and were already conducting surveillance of the store when the suspects entered the premises.

According to the media statement:

Detectives went into the store and detained the four suspects; 25 year old Jorge Tudor, 23 year old Austin Shepard, 27 year old Donnelle Gutierrez and 21 year old Anthony Donastorg.

Law enforcement then confiscated a loaded firearm from each of the individuals and then placed them under arrest. Detectives also recovered some drugs(oxycodone and cocaine among them) and three of the men had large-capacity firearms.

Some of the men were also either on probation for a previous offense or were already part of an open case for other firearms charges. All four of them face multiple weapons charges, while two of them face(Gutierrez and Shepard) also face drug charges.

For more on the story(including specific charges for each of the four men), check out the Springfield Police Department's website here.

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