Governor Charlie Baker, during his daily briefing on Monday, announced a four-phase approach to reopening the Massachusetts economy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The governor also published Mandatory Workplace Safety Standards that will apply across all sectors and industries once reopening begins.

Baker says that the goal of the phased reopening, based on public health guidance, is to methodically allow certain businesses, services, and activities to resume, while protecting public health and limiting a resurgence of new COVID-19 cases.

The four phases are were outlined as follows:

Phase 1 will be “Start” and would allow limited industries to resume operations with severe restrictions.

Phase 2 will be “Cautious” with additional industries resuming operations with restrictions and capacity limits.

Phase 3 will be “Vigilant” as additional industries start to resume operations with guidance.

Phase 4 will be the “New Normal” with the development of vaccine and/or therapy enabling resumption of what has been referred to as the “new normal.”

Businesses and activities that provided “COVID-19 Essential Services,” per Governor Baker’s March 23rd order, will continue to operate. Certain businesses and activities with a lower risk of COVID-19 transmission will open in earlier phases. Decisions and timing will be influenced by public health metrics for when the first phase of reopening begins, as well as when it is safe to move into concurrent phases.
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