Learning of Friends star Matthew Perry's death recently was a real shot to the heart. Even though many of us don't personally know these celebrities, there are some that hit you more than others, and Matthew Perry was one of those at least for me. Though he had some struggles throughout his life he still managed to persevere and in a big way. He was one of the good guys if you will.

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Along with Perry, Some of the 'Friends' Cast Members Had Connections to Massachusetts

Both Matthew Perry (Chandler) and Matt LeBlanc (Joey) had/have connections to Massachusetts as LeBlanc was born in Newton and Perry was born in Williamstown. In addition, David Schwimmer (Ross) spent some time involved with productions for the Williamstown Theater Festival.

Regarding Perry and Schwimmer, Both my Father-In-Law and My Wife had Occasions of Seeing the Two 'Friends' stars in Berkshire County

In 2003 my father-in-law was working at the First Congregational Church in Williamstown. Perry was at the church for his grandfather's (Alton Perry) funeral. Alton himself was a pillar of the community particularly in Williamstown. My father-in-law and Matthew Perry said hello to each other. Not the best setting to see a celebrity in person from a show that you adored ('Friends' is one of my father-in-law's favorite shows) but nonetheless he passed him at the church and they acknowledged each other.

The other instance was a little more humorous. My wife whom at the time I hadn't even met (this was in the late '90s), saw David Schwimmer in the aisles of Stop and Shop in North Adams (needless to say, she was a fan of 'Friends' as well). Schwimmer was in the area as he was starring in a production at the Williamstown Theater Festival so it makes sense that he would end up in Stop and Shop as the supermarket is on the Williamstown side of North Adams. My wife didn't go up to him or bother him. Instead, she discreetly would walk up and down the aisles like she was shopping, just to get a glimpse of Schwimmer. I guess you could say she was being a bit of a mini stalker. I don't think he noticed as she pulled it off pretty well. No harm, no foul, all fun...at least for my wife.

Those are just a couple of instances where Friends stars were spotted in Massachusetts, particularly Berkshire County. Have you ever met or seen any of the Friends cast members in person? If so, what was your experience like?

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