Gas prices in Massachusetts are holding fairly steady, but they are up over this time last year. The average gas price in the state is the same as last week, averaging $3.02 per gallon. Today’s price is 7 cents higher than a month ago, and 89 cents higher than July 19th, 2020. Massachusetts’s average gas price is 15 cents lower than the national average. The price in Pittsfield is in line with the state average, according to AAA’s Gas Prices website, at $3.02 per gallon. 

AAA Northeast says that one of the primary reasons for more expensive gas prices this summer is high crude oil prices. However, last week crude prices fluctuated from a high of $75 per barrel down to $71. News from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries over the weekend, that they have reached a deal to increase production in August, could give crude oil prices the potential to drop under $70 per barrel. Regardless, AAA expects higher pump prices to be the norm throughout the summer. 

It’s a cruel summer at the gas pump with prices showing little signs of relief... However, the more expensive prices aren’t stopping motorists from filling up based on strong gasoline demand numbers. ~ Mary Maguire, AAA Northeast Director of Public and Government Affairs 


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AAA Northeast’s July 12th survey of fuel prices found the current national average to be 3 cents higher than last week, averaging $3.17 a gallon. Today’s national average price is 10 cents higher than a month ago and 98 cents higher than this day last year. 

There are several places that you can go on the internet to get gas prices. AAA has one of its own. The AAA Gas Prices website is your resource for up-to-date fuel price information. Search average gas prices by Regular, Plus, Premium, and Diesel on National and State levels, as well as Metro areas.  

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