Berkshire Agricultural Ventures has announced a $100,000 investment in a mission-based fermentation facility, Farm Ferments, of Hudson NY.  

According to a media release today from BAV, the investment was funded by a donation from an anonymous source, channeled through the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, under the conditions that Berkshire Agricultural Ventures invest the funds in the Hudson Valley fermentation facility, Farm Ferments. The anonymous donor was moved by the Farm Ferments' philosophy of supporting local farms, using wild occurring fermenters, and understanding the ancient practices of fermentation. 

This donor asked BAV to make sure that Farm Ferments was a good candidate for this donation. We found this investment continues to assist the expansion of Farm Ferments and meets BAV’s mission. This expansion also means growth and support for Columbia County farmers who supply vegetables to Farm Ferments. It’s a positive on many levels. ~ Glenn Bergman, Executive Director for BAV 


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BAV’s agreement with Farm Ferments and the involved donor stipulates that if Farm Ferments should declare any payments back to BAV, these funds will be reinvested into agricultural support in Columbia County.  

We can follow the desires of [our donors] to continue to support the local farming economy in many different ways. Our flexibility allows us to help our farmers and producers grow, and maximize their potential... We welcome investments as a way to partner with local area food companies who have a social impact philosophy as they can maximize their impact on the area. As a non-profit, we want our donors to know that designated funds gifted to BAV always help our local farmers and producers. ~ Dan Schaeffer, Board Treasurer of BAV 


Farm Ferments continues to expand its local purchasing and has made a commitment to engage the local farmers as suppliers in their product line.  

We’ve found that local suppliers, especially during the difficult times of the pandemic, are the best partners. The benefits of sourcing locally are evident in the quality of our food and the impact that we can have on our community. ~ Ian Martin 

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