Greylock Federal Credit Union was recently recognized with a distinguished award for its response to the coronavirus pandemic. According to a news release from Greylock, the organization has been awarded an Associated Industries of Massachusetts’ Next Century Award for 2021.

The Next Century Award, given to Greylock earlier this month, honors employers, community organizations, and individuals who have made unique contributions to the Massachusetts economy and to the well-being of the people who live in the Commonwealth.

Greylock is grateful for the recognition says Greylock's Board of Director's chair, Stanley B. Walczyk...

As a community cooperative, we know that to achieve community success, you must allow each individual to thrive. Whether it be by helping a single mom to improve her credit score through financial coaching and eventually buy her family a home; or helping a business pay its employees through the Paycheck Protection Program, Greylock understands the value of community... We are grateful for AIM’s recognition of the significant difference our employees make everyday in the lives of our Members.

According to AIM’s President/CEO John R. Regan, said that the Next Century Award was created to honor the accomplishments of companies and individuals creating a new era of economic opportunity for the people of Massachusetts...

These remarkable people and institutions inspire the rest of us by exemplifying the intelligence, hard work and dedication to success, that has built our commonwealth. [Greylock] enjoys the added distinction of having used resilience and creativity to weather the pandemic and help Massachusetts through a uniquely difficult period.

Motivated by a vision “to enable our community to thrive"...

The 94,600-Member financial institution was crucial in helping Berkshire County deal with the financial fallout of the coronavirus pandemic. Greylock’s list of contributions is long and includes:

• waiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties and fees,

• pausing payments for more than $200 million in loans,

• supporting first responders with $2.5 million in emergency loans,

• providing more than $40 million dollars in forgivable Paycheck Protection Program Loans; saving more than 5,000 local jobs, from Hudson, New York to Pittsfield, Williamstown to Great Barrington, Massachusetts throughout 2020 and into early 2021,

• fielding more than 145,600 calls, even as staff transitioned to work from home,

• donating $762,000 to community organizations during 2020; Greylock is recognized as a Pinnacle Company by the Berkshire United Way.

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