A "known subject" was placed under arrest at his Hinsdale home Tuesday night and assaulted three area officers in the process. All three officers needed to be treated for injuries.

According to the Berkshire Eagle, Jeremy F. Ferin was taken into custody at 6:15 p.m. Tuesday on a default warrant for failing to appear for a court appearance, according to Hinsdale Police Chief Susan Rathbun.

Hinsdale Police Chief Susan Rathbun told The Eagle that the man was a "known subject who doesn't like law enforcement very much". Suspecting that Ferrin would likely resist arrest with the possibility of becoming violent, Hinsdale police arranged at 5:45 p.m. for assistance from police officers in neighboring Dalton.

The police department was correct in their suspicions as Ferrin was uncooperative, resisted arrest, and even bit an officer. Female officer, Elizabeth Zipp, was treated for a bite injury, according to Cheif Rathbun.

Later on that night after Ferrin was taken into custody an ambulance was called to the Dalton Police Department to treat the other two officers who assisted with the arrest. Dalton Police Sgt. Deanna Strout said that Officers Bustin Buzzella and Jame Duryea had "bumps and bruises" and the ambulance crew provided care at the station.

Ferin was in court Wednesday, where he was ordered held for a dangerousness hearing Nov. 5.

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