For some reason this week I have been talking a lot about theaters. I figure why not talk about an American outdoor favorite?  Even though there's a lot less drive-in theaters left the country, many have managed to hang on after all these years. Like the one personally enjoy throughout the summer over in North Hoosick Falls, New York. Hathaway's Drive-In Theatre which is just a short 40 minute drive from where I live in North Adams.

Even though drive-in's have been on the decline for the past few decades, business did however amp up greatly during the COVID-19 pandemic when seeing an indoor movie was not an option. Some say the reasoning for drive-ins going out of business was the invention of the "VCR." But that'll be a story for another day.

So the question is how many drive-in movie theaters do we left in Massachusetts?

Wellfleet Drive-In

51 State Highway, Route 6 in Wellfleet. Check Wellfleet Drive-In on Facebook and visit their website Wellfleet Cinemas for showtimes. 508-349-7176

$15 adults, $10 ages 4-11, $12 senior citizens 62+, free ages 3 and under.

Located in the heart of Cape Cod ("The Cape" as we like to call it). Opened in 1957 and a last of it's kind on Cape Cod. It also features their own indoor cinemas to serve patrons during the winter months as well as a Flea Market, Dairy Bar, and Mini-Golf! Only reason I featured this drive-in first is because I've attended many movies while vacationing in Cape Cod the last few years. FYI, aside from broadcasting the movie's audio over the radio, they still have drive-in speakers that are (almost) still fully functional!

Here's a list of the rest of drive-in theaters still business in Massachusetts


Mendon Twin Drive-In

35 Milford St. in Mendon. Check Mendon Twin Drive-In on Facebook and visit their website for showtimes. 508-473-4958

$32 per car load.

Northfield Drive-In

Located right on the Northfield, Massachusetts - Hinsdale, New Hampshire Border.

981 Northfield Rd, Hinsdale NH. Check Northfield Drive-In on Facebook and for showtimes. 603-239-4054

$13 adults, $7 ages 4-14, free ages 3 and under.


These are the list of drive-ins that are correctly open for the 2022 season. Even though it is a short list, it's still great to see this iconic way of enjoying a feature film still alive today. Are there any drive-ins we may have missed? Do you think drive-ins should make a comeback? Let us know on the station app.

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