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I would say this came as surprise to a lot of people.
DA Capeless is leaving the position of District Attorney, retiring, he went of to say after thirty-five years, it's time. The Assistant District Attorney Paul Caccaviello will take over the Position.

He was asked about the Jo Ringer case, which he replied that are still working on the case, and would not comment any further on it at this time.

As Western Mass News was first to report this morning, an active police investigation is underway. Mary Carey, the spokesperson for the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office, told Western Mass News that they have found human remains deep in the woods in Hatfield.  While the identity of the remains has not been released, friends and family of a missing woman are convinced this is her. Friends and family of Jo Ringer gathered deep in the woods in Hatfield this morning following information released by the D.A.'s office: human remains found in the Hatfield woods. Ringer of Clarksburg disappeared almost exactly a year ago. This weekend is the anniversary of her disappearance. While investigators said that they cannot confirm the identity of the remains, Ringer’s friends and family told Western Mass News exclusively why they believe this is where her body was disposed. Western Mass News reports that Ringer's friend.  Ginger Plantier said:

“This is a place that Chad Reidy was known to frequent,"

Reidy is the sole late suspect in the homicide investigation of Jo Ringer. He was her husband and friends and family said there was a history of domestic violence. Reidy died of an apparent suicide one month after Ringer disappeared.


Plantier added

“He came here when he wanted to think and be with nature. These are things that he has told people as well as police," .

Reidy’s ex-girlfriend, Laura Reilly, is currently awaiting a pre-trial hearing on three counts of misleading a police officer in the investigation.

Court documents obtained show that Reidy and Reilly spent time together in the day of and days after Ringer’s disappearance.

Again, the identity of these remains has not been confirmed by investigators,Carey noted that those remains will now be examined by the medical examiner's office.

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