Some news you need to know about by May 2, Berkshire County. Especially if you or someone you know is going to be taking a driving test. Things have been a little different lately, but they're about to change...

Over the course of the pandemic, road test applicants have had to use one of the state-owned vehicles provided by the Registry of Motor Vehicles to take the test. This way, the RMV could ensure that the vehicles were properly cleaned in accordance with pandemic protocols so that drivers, passengers, and road test examiners could be protected and safe.

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But now with more and more protocols being lifted, things will start to transition back to (semi?)normal. The use of Commonwealth-owned vehicles for road tests will end on April 29, 2022.

The Massachusetts RMV wants you to know that beginning May 2, anyone applying for a road test in the Bay State must supply their own vehicles when taking the road test. That's according to a media statement from the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Again, starting May 2, applicants taking a road test for a Class D license must bring along a vehicle that meets all functional and safety requirements and is registered, has a current inspection sticker, and is insured.

Applicants must also bring a physical copy of their learner's permit, a completed copy of the Road Test Application, and a qualified sponsor(a licensed driver over 21 with at least one year of driving experience).

Also, current guidance from the federal Transportation Safety Administration will factor into face-covering requirements. According to the RMV's media statement:

All applicants and sponsors are required to arrive prepared to wear a face covering during their scheduled road test and to follow all face covering protocols in place at the time of the test.

For more info, check out the release for yourself here.

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