Credit Union Roundtable is a monthly, hour-long talk/interview show devoted to helping America’s consumers become better-informed managers of their finances and savings.

Discussions and interviews on Credit Union Roundtable aim to foster this initiative in several ways:

• Through educational explanations of financial products and services, how they work and how they can be best optimized for value;
• Through expert discussions of the economy and financial services marketplace;
• By increasing public understanding and awareness of credit unions, and how their cooperative values and principles influence their business practices, giving those who use credit unions a unique and distinct banking experience; and finally,
• By conversations with credit union and community leaders about the value of collaboration, financial education and social responsibility.

The program is sponsored through the generous support of the Credit Unions of Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. It is hosted by Walter Laskos and presented over the Better Values - Better Banking Media Network reaching more than 4.5 million consumers through radio, a wide-assortment of podcast apps, credit union websites and a diverse range of social media channels.

You can listen to all Credit Union Roundtable programs by going here.

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