Massachusetts has been home to more than its fair share of celebrities over the years. Some of those celebrities happen to be well known legends in their craft. One such well known media personality is not only an icon, but recently had their lavish multi-million dollar home listed on the market before it was recently purchased for the initial asking price of $24 million. But just who was the seller, and what home could possibly be so extravagant to sell for that price?

The seller of the home is none other than the award-winning media icon, Diane Sawyer. Her home sitting on 20.34 acres in Martha's Vineyard is the property that sold, which truly needs to be seen to believe. Initially, she and her now late husband, director Mike Nichols, had purchased the home in 1995 for $5.3 million.

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The home is known as the "Legendary Chip Chop". The property was initially built in 1937 and previously owned by the celebrated Broadway star Katharine Cornell. She hosted several historic figures at the home in the 1940s, including the likes of Elanor Roosevelt and Laurence Olivier.

To describe the property, it is tough to put into words how well the home has been restored and maintained by Sawyer and Nichols over the years. But what you will see with the home, according to Sotheby's International Realty is this:

...There are two separate lots – one 17.4 acres and the other 2.84 acres. A mile of private shoreline surrounds the property, including 2000 feet of sandy beach on the exquisite swimming waters of Vineyard Sound, and a large swath of sandy beach on Lake Tashmoo. There are no fewer than 4 homes - a 3-bedroom main house, a 2-bedroom caretaker’s cottage, and 2 elegant beach houses built in 2007 which offer some of the most astonishing water views on Martha’s Vineyard. The Pond Pavilion and the Ocean Pavilion are 2 separate, detached bedroom suites. The swimming pool overlooking Vineyard Sound with views of the mainland beyond is simply stunning...

While the description given is pretty well detailed, this home truly is something that needs to be seemed to believe that such a dream home exists. Enjoy the views in the pics, they are really something to behold...

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