Let's face it: There is nothing more frustrating then when you're ready to cross an intersection and the traffic light changes to red without any advanced notice. The yellow light asks you to slow down (face it, many try to beat it out and sometimes they are NOT successful in nature). 5 seconds later, it's that dreaded color and as Tom Petty used to say: "The Waiting is the hardest part". Plus, other cars on the opposite intersection have the OK to go and you're STILL stuck until it's your turn to continue your journey.


Traffic analytics released a new report showing the worst traffic lights statewide. The study highlighted 10 of the worst are located in Massachusetts, where drivers have the lowest chance of encountering a green light. Fortunately, the Berkshires do not fall into this dreaded survey and that's a good thing if you ask me, but we have our share of experiencing this situation.


You are wondering where you'll be waiting for an eternity to proceed on your trip as the top prize goes to route 9 and Lake Avenue in Worcester. I also experienced a monotonous standstill at that same location en route to The Woo Sox game at Polar Park this past Wednesday. Statistics show only about 26 percent of drivers encounter a green light when they arrive, but have to partake in a mandatory stop.

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Nine more areas also have motorists face a similar situation and believe it or not, only ONE area is situated in the capital city of Boston. Try to avoid Southampton Street and The Mass Avenue connector. Two intersections are located in Salem: Highland Avenue and Trader's Way also Norman and Washington Street is a trouble spot. Here's where we can use Samantha Stephens to twitch her nose and make the excursion all green with no delays whatsoever.

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The rest are located in Boston's suburbs including Faunce Corner Mall Road and State Road in Dartmouth, Hammond and Boylston Street in Brookline (President Kennedy's hometown), Commerce Way and Mishawum Road in Woburn, American Legion Highway and Revere Street (where else but in Revere). Let's not forget Morrissey Boulevard and Freeport Street in Dorchester is also on this coveted list.


BOTTOM LINE: Now you know where NOT to drive if your travels take you out east of our tri-state region. Use alternate routes, if possible.

(Some information obtained in this article, courtesy of www.patch.com)

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