Recently, 362 residents for the organization’s 90 affordable housing units from throughout Berkshire County attended the “Call to Action: Solution for Housing Crisis” event at Race Brook Lodge which was organized by Construct Incorporated. Other portions of The Bay State are also showing their support towards this important goal in bringing affordable housing throughout the Commonwealth. South county has already received the green light in making this goal a reality.

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The nonprofit organization was founded in 1969 and provides affordable housing and supportive services to 15 towns throughout Berkshire County. In a recent interview with The Berkshire Edge, Executive Director Jane Ralph reiterated as winter sets in, organizations that provide housing aid to Berkshire residents need as much financial help as possible.

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Virtually, everyone is out of funds right now. Sometimes, funds from the state flow again to the organizations at the beginning of October. However, it doesn’t appear to be happening right now. There’s going to be a lag time in getting those funds out from organizations to the state. People are already struggling going into winter, and it’s already getting very cold.”


Construct Incorporated is in the process of actively working together with other organizations to brainstorm on how to help people get the resources they desperately need to lead a comfortable life as they don't have to deal with skyrocketing rents that are plaguing the area. Ralph also stressed the importance of people receiving this necessary aid.


“People are really struggling right now. Utility prices and rent prices continue to go up. as residents need to have these expenses stabilized so that they can afford to continue to have a place to live if they are housed. Of course, we also need to create more affordable housing because so many people who already work here can’t afford to live here.”

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Construct Incorporated Community Engagement and Communications Director Leigh Davis who also serves as vice chair of Great Barrington's Selectboard and chairs the town’s Selectboard and Planning Board Housing Subcommittee as she also addressed the situation is serious in nature:

“Part of the reason why we are seeing an increase on our waitlist is due to rising rent prices. There’s a kind of connection between a lack of housing and increasing rental prices. With the increase in electricity rates, we’re seeing more utility shut-offs than we’ve ever seen before. We have a housing crisis in Berkshire County, and it takes a village to solve this crisis.”

For more information about Construct, Incorporated, log on to their web site by going here.

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