I am a firm advocate of attending local theater presentations throughout our tri-state region. One of these days, I'd like to take center stage and perform any type of role in a home grown production (It doesn't have to be the lead, anything would be welcome as this is a personal item that is on my so-called "bucket list"). Bay state residents, here is my suggestion: Head out west and check out a beautiful venue in Columbia county that is located right off route 66, just south of Chatham (Home of the Columbia County Fair They are located about an hour from The Berkshires and northwestern Connecticut plus it is within proximity of locales in eastern New York.

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The Ghent Playhouse has been in operation for almost five decades and last Sunday, I was lucky enough to be in the audience to see a wonderful presentation of "Ruthless: The Musical" (I even took The Ry Guy with me to see this show). This ensemble of performers took the show to a new dimension (as Rod Serling used to say on "The Twilight Zone"). as this presentation was a success off Broadway in my ol' hometown of New York City.

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My dear friend, Jeannine Trimboli (aka The Fitness Guru) starred in this production as she played a dual role as the meek, but lovable Judy Denmark who is the mother of an aspiring 8 year old daughter, Tina who has a goal to star as the lead in her school play and will do just about anything to accomplish that goal. Rosalyn Annely was very convincing in this role of a child who performed the unexpected (I won't give it away). Her mother, Helen Annely also co-starred as she portrayed the role of Eve (Ginger's assistant) in this show. which brings me to Act Two:

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Jeannine's metamorphosis as Ginger Del Marco was electrifying as her persona changed in the second act and became the complete antithesis of Judy. This was LOCAL theater at it's BEST! We also give kudos to Nate Beynon who was determined to portray Tina's agent, Sylvia St. Croix and his mission was accomplished in high fashion. Cathy Lee-Visscher was fantastic as Tina's teacher, Miss Thorn. Annaleigh Butts was Tina's unknowing rival for the lead role in this school play and let's not forget Deb Mead who doubled up as Tina's grandmother and her reviews as a theater critic were unique in nature.

Check out the Ghent Playhouse's Facebook page and give them a LIKE in the process. My joy to support LOCAL theater has been a constant in life and especially when dear friends co-star in these one-of-a-kind productions. For example, when my near and dear friend, Benita Zahn takes center stage, I'm always out there to view her theatrical savvy and support these special presentations and who knows: I could be following in their footsteps as your chance to see me act could become reality.

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Once again, congratulations to the cast of "Ruthless:The Musical" as they took their final bow this past Sunday. Do yourself a favor and attend a LOCAL show as your patronage keeps them in business and the local economy benefits everyone plus a wonderful afternoon or evening awaits those lucky enough to be in the audience.

(Photos of "Ruthless:The Musical" courtesy of the Ghent Playhouse's Facebook page)

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