A 16-year-old girl from Berkshire County is still missing and the Massachusetts State Police are reminding the public to keep their collective eyes open for her. I will say that there is a little bit of a discrepancy in exactly when she went missing and from where exactly.

The public's help is needed in locating 16-Year-Old Nevaeh Mack...

Massachusetts State Police reminded us via Facebook on Wednesday that 16-year-old Nevaeh Mack is still missing, and that the public's help is still needed in locating her.

The post from Wednesday says that Mack has been missing since July 29th from the town of Alford. This is where the discrepancy I mentioned comes into play, as an alert that we received back in June said that Mack has been missing since June 1st and was last seen in the City of Pittsfield. Regardless of which date is correct, although it makes logical sense that the June date is... Mack is still missing, and that's the point.


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Posted on Facebook Wednesday...

In this latest alert, posted on Wednesday, Mack is described as a 16-year-old white female, 5'06" tall, weighing 105 lbs. She was last seen wearing gray sweatpants, an orange or pink short-sleeved shirt, and a black hooded sweatshirt with an American Eagle Outfitters insignia on the front.


Massachusetts State Police
Massachusetts State Police


Contact authorities if you see or know anything...

The State Police say that anyone who might have any information should contact Troopers assigned to State Police Lee barracks, by calling (413) 243-0600. Alternatively, you can also call the Center For Missing And Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST or 1-800-843-5678.

If you have any issues getting through to those numbers, you can also contact your local police, who will almost certainly be able to help.


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