Spring in Massachusetts is a great time to be outside. Whether you are into walking, biking, hiking, raking your lawn, or playing sports there are many fun outdoor activities to participate in during the spring months.

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Spring is also when Massachusetts sees black bear activity. It was recently reported by Meghan Crawford, a community engagement biologist at MassWildlife that there are currently approximately 4,000 to 5,000 bears in Massachusetts. There are bear sightings throughout the state including Pittsfield, Newton, Westfield, Fall River, and pretty much all areas of Massachusetts.

Bears Have Been Known to Terrorize Massachusetts Properties

Bears will roam through your yard and residential neighborhoods if they have any inclination that food is available. Bears will knock down garbage cans, tear up trash bags, and even try to enter your home to get to any loose food that may be within their reach.

A reminder that you should keep your yard, garage, grills, and areas right outside your home clear of food scraps and crumbs. If there are food scraps or crumbs inside your house it would be a good idea to dispose of the food properly and keep your windows shut tight and locked.

Massachusetts Residents Should Also Ditch Their Birdfeeders 

Another thing that you'll want to keep out of your yard is birdfeeders. Mass.gov states that if you live in an area with bears you should avoid birdfeeders altogether as they are invitations for bears to come onto your property. What's more, if you have bird feeders in your yard bears will keep returning even if the feeder is empty due to the residual smell. It's suggested that you remove birdfeeders to keep bears and other wild animals including coyotes and bobcats away from your property.

There are Other Ways You Can Attract Birds to Your Massachusetts Yard While Keeping the Bears Away 

If you enjoy birds in your yard, mass.gov suggests that you grow native plants, shrubs, and trees to attract birds. A water feature will also help attract birds to your property while keeping bears away. Remember no food means less of a chance of bears giving you a headache this spring, summer, and fall.

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