Early voting in Massachusetts ended this past Friday, November 4th. Those who didn't take advantage of early voting and want to cast their ballot will have the opportunity this Tuesday, Nov. 8 as the polls will be open from 7 am - 8 pm in many locations throughout the Commonwealth. Hopefully, the in-person voting process will go smoothly. Some of the key races include Governor and Lieutenant Governor as well as Attorney General and Secretary of State. You can check out all of the upcoming Massachusetts races by going here.

Are There Certain Articles of Clothing That Massachusetts Prohibits When Entering the Polling Stations? 

For the most part, you can wear everyday regular clothing when casting your vote at Massachusetts polling locations. However, campaign clothing is prohibited. This means that campaign shirts, hats, buttons, etc. are not allowed. According to an article published by WWLP a couple of years ago, these items can't be worn within 150 feet of a polling station. This is something to keep in mind when going to cast your vote. In some locations, there are police patrolling areas to make sure voters aren't breaking these dress code rules. I guess that's the beauty of voting early at home. You can wear whatever you want but it makes sense as this policy curbs voter intimidation.

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Make Sure You Vote and Keep it Peaceful

Whoever you're voting for, make sure you get out there and exercise your right on November 8th. Equally as important, let's all come together to make sure voting is being conducted in a peaceful non-threatening fashion. Times are tough as it is, let's watch out for one another.

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