As we have officially hit the first days of Summer in Massachusetts (and it definitely feels like it), we now know what some of the top towns are for traveling to the coast in the Bay State. In fact, did you realize that Massachusetts is home to two of the top small towns throughout the entire east coast of the U.S.? So, where exactly are they?

It's no secret that Massachusetts has over 1,500 miles of coastline. That means we not only have some of the bigger cities sitting along the coast, but also some smaller towns that are perfect travel destinations for the warmer temperatures during any given year.

'Travel + Leisure' recently released their list of the Best Small East Coast Towns. Sure enough, two of those spots happen to be in Massachusetts. So, what are the two towns in the Bay State that made this list? Get ready to take you Summer road trip to these small towns:

  • Provincetown

Here's what 'Travel + Leisure' had to say about their picking Provincetown as one of the top small towns on the east coast in the U.S.:

Provincetown — "P-town," as many know it — is a popular small-town getaway for New Englanders, especially in the LGBTQ+ community. It's colorful and artsy, with beaches and plenty of nature to offer. Beware: P-town attracts a crowd in the summer. In the low and shoulder seasons, you get vibrant fall foliage, optimal chances of getting into the best restaurants, and the beginning and end of whale-watching season. Provincetown is home to a large Portuguese community that stems from its history as a fishing port. Stop by the Provincetown Museum to learn more about this eclectic small town, and don't pass up the pasteis de nata and other pastries from the Provincetown Portuguese Bakery.

And as for the other spot that was named among the best small towns on the east coast was this small town from the Commonwealth...

  • Edgartown

'Travel + Leisure' had this to say about their other Massachusetts pick for the best small towns on the east coast:

Only accessible by boat and plane, Martha's Vineyard is no stranger to tourists. This island off the coast of Massachusetts is home to six small towns, each with its own unique identity and community feel. Edgartown is widely thought to be the prettiest of them, with its stately, American flag-adorned homes and the historic Cape Poge Lighthouse. Spend the day lounging by the water at South Beach, or take the ferry to Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge, a pristine barrier beach on Chappaquiddick Island.

It's definitely feeling like the perfect weather to hit the coast now that we've officially started Summer, so be sure to make your  travel plans accordingly and take advantage of a reasonably short road trip to one, or maybe both, of these top small towns on the east coast. You might as well since they're here in the Bay State!

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