Later this week, it will be December and all the holiday celebrations will be happening everywhere. Whether it's a work Christmas party or some other type of holiday festival, there will be tons of holiday season festivities happening from now through December 25th. Massachusetts is known for being a destination to come to for events year round, and that specifically includes two spots in the Bay State that have been labeled as some of the most beautiful destinations for celebrating Christmas on the east coast in the U.S.

The popular travel publication, known as 'The Travel' recently released its list of the 14 Most Beautiful Destinations to Celebrate Christmas On the East Coast in the USAIt's not tough to assume that Massachusetts would have at least one spot out of those. Not just one, but two of those destinations are in the Bay State.

What two spots in Massachusetts are among the 'Most Beautiful Destinations to Celebrate Christmas'?

While not every spot that showed up on this list are on the coast-coast, the two destinations in Massachusetts are definitely both literally on the coast. For our first destination, we would need to make our way to Nantucket.

On the list of the top 14 beautiful destinations to celebrate Christmas on the east coast, Nantucket snagged the #10 spot. Here's what 'The Travel' had to say about why Nantucket deserves to make the list:

Nantucket, a small, remote island off the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, is a popular summer vacation spot due to its dune-backed beaches. There are many unpainted cedar-shingled houses in the area and many hotels perfect for a holiday stay. Between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, the quaint town becomes a thriving hub of holiday celebrations. Iconic moments follow the traditional tree lighting and infectious carol singing that usher in the holiday season. One of the year's most anticipated events, the Annual Christmas Stroll, has people dressed in Victorian garb, and a European market sells authentic goods.

As for the other Massachusetts destination which made the top east coast spots to celebrate Christmas, it may be the most obvious, but it is also right on the actual coast in Boston.

There are plenty aspects of the city lifestyle throughout Boston that get all sorts of decked out for the holiday season. 'The Travel' had Boston ranked at the 5th spot on its list of most beautiful destinations to celebrate Christmas on the east coast. Here's what they had to say about Boston's ranking on the list:

Like many other major cities, Boston dresses to the nines for the holidays. The city of Boston hosts several tree and holiday lighting events beginning in late November. These locations range from the Boston Common and Columbus Park Trellis to Copley Square and the State House. Boston is one of the top choices for an overnight stay during December when European-style Holiday Markets appear all around the city, with wares ranging from antique knickknacks to New England-style handiwork.

While the temps seem to drop at this time of year, when the spots to celebrate the holidays looks like these destinations, it makes the seasonal temps a lot more tolerable. That's especially true with a couple cities that are the most beautiful destinations to celebrate Christmas on the east coast.

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