April is long in the rearview mirror but you may have forgotten to do something with your car. Massachusetts motorists who are still driving on studded snow tires need to get them switched out for regular tires ASAP. The last day of legally driving on studded snow tires in Massachusetts was April 30.

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There is a Penalty in Massachusetts for Not Getting Studded Snow Tires Removed by April 30

If you're still driving around on studded snow tires in Massachusetts, you're risking a $50 fine if you get caught. Hopefully, since it's not very long past April 30 you'll get an officer that's forgiving to you if you get pulled over but there's no gurantee that the officer is going to let you go without a fine.

It's More Than a Fine, It's a Matter of Safety 

There are issues that your vehicle can incur if you keep driving on the studded snow tires. Here's what Nokian Tires had to say about this:

The very compounds crafted to make tires safe in winter conditions aren’t built to withstand heat or consistently wet roads. Simply put, winter tires do not have the necessary characteristics for safe summer driving, even if they have sufficient tread depth.

You don't want to deal with hazardous driving especially since getting your snow tires switched out is an easy task. Whether you live in Boston, Worcester, Springfield, or anywhere in Massachusetts if you're still driving on studded snow tires, switch them out now. You'll be saving money in the process and reducing the risk of danger when driving on Massachusetts roads during the summer.

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