Fall in Massachusetts has been a great one so far. We have had the opportunity to experience some rich foliage and have been treated to mild almost summer-like weather but now it's getting colder and it's time to bundle up. Still, I have no complaints about the weather. I love fall in Massachusetts, don't you?

Have You Noticed an Increase in Mask Wearing in Massachusetts? 

As we continue to roll deeper into fall I have noticed that more Massachusetts folks have been wearing masks compared to a few months ago, at least locally. This makes sense as new omicron subvariants are making their appearance not only throughout Massachusetts but around the country as well. The death rate due to COVID-19 is still too high according to Dr. Fauci. In other cases, I have been to gatherings where nobody is wearing a mask at all.

Obviously, at this stage of the pandemic, many places throughout Massachusetts aren't making mask-wearing mandatory. Instead, it's up to the comfort level of each individual as to whether that person wants to wear a mask or not. People have to respect each other and their decisions whether others agree with those decisions or not.

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Keep in Mind, Massachusetts Does Require You to Still Wear a Mask in Certain Buildings and Situations.

If you are out and about in Massachusetts, you still want to keep a mask on hand even if you don't wear one on a regular basis. The reason for this is that Massachusetts still has buildings, settings, and situations where wearing a mask is mandatory. Here's when and where you have to wear a mask in Massachusetts according to mass.gov.

  • On transportation provided by the Commonwealth’s Human Service Transportation (HST) Brokerage.
  • Healthcare facilities (As of July 1, masks became optional for residents in rest homes and nursing homes)
  • Certain Health Care and Day Services and Programs operated, licensed, certified, regulated, or funded by the Commonwealth including the Executive Office of Health and Human Services or one of its agencies. These settings include adult day health, day habilitation.
  • Home Health Care Workers

You can get complete details on mask-wearing requirements in Massachusetts by going here. Have fun, enjoy the weather and stay healthy.

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