Massachusetts has several very, very old towns. Like, crazy old! That being said, America celebrated its 247th birthday during this past year. But did you know that a town in Massachusetts is so much older than that? Like, more than a century older. It's more than 150 years older than America.

Perhaps this may be common knowledge to many residents in Massachusetts, but it's also a historical fact that can be stunning given the realization to some. Massachusetts oldest town is just about 156 years older than America.

What is the oldest town in Massachusetts?

If you know anything about history, you likely know that the oldest town in Massachusetts is Plymouth, which was established in the year 1620.

For those familiar with history, you probably know about the English settlers coming over on the Mayflower. Despite the myth that the Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock, it actually anchored at what is known today as Provincetown Harbor in Cape Cod.

Why did the settlers call the town Plymouth?

The reason the settlers came up with the town name of Plymouth was due to the fact that they initially had set sail from Plymouth, England.

Today, the town of Plymouth, which officially turned 403 years old last Fall (2023), is known for its rich history, but also has plenty of attractions to visit that don't necessarily have to do with its historical nature. The coastal town has several beaches and its downtown right off the waterfront has several cafes, restaurants, gift shops, galleries, and other attractions for everyone. And its one more prime spot to take a Spring and/or Summer road trip, even if it's just to checkout the history behind Massachusetts oldest town.

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