If you are a new resident of Massachusetts or you have recently left the nest and have a place of your own in Massachusetts, you may not be sure which items go into your recycling bins and which items go into the trash can. It can be confusing because there are some items that you would think would automatically be recycled but that is not the case in Massachusetts.

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To clear things up, let's take a look at five items or more specifically five categories of items that are not allowed to be recycled in Massachusetts. (Also check out which items are not accepted by Massachusetts Goodwill stores by going here.)

Items That Cannot be Recycled in Massachusetts

In addition, you may be wondering if pizza boxes can go into the recycling bin. We published a whole article on that which you can check out by going here. We also published an article that answered the question regarding if frozen food boxes can go into recycling bins which you can view by going here. Remember to Recycle Smart.

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