We are well into spring and here in Massachusetts, we are experiencing some sunny days and warmer weather. Just another sign that summer is on its way. I know I'm looking forward to it, how about you?

With the warm weather here, you may be working on some projects around the house, maybe even doing some reorganizing or spring cleaning. If you haven't done so yet, one thing you'll want to remember to do is to check on your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure the batteries are fresh and that the units are still functioning. Usually, I'll double-check the units around the period of the seasonal time changes but admittedly not on the day. Typically I tend to remember a week or two after the time change.

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When I was recently checking on the units, I started wondering if there's a certain amount of smoke alarm units that I'm legally supposed to have installed in my home. There's quite of range of requirements depending on the age of your home and other factors. In my case, my home was built in 1968 which means these are the smoke alarm requirements for Typical one- and two-family residences in Massachusetts built before January 1, 1975, according to mass.gov.

Smoke Alarms are Required as Follows:

  • On every habitable level of the residence.
  • In the basement.
  • On the ceiling at the base of each stairway leading to
    a floor above including the basement (but not within
  • On the ceiling outside each separate sleeping area.

Obviously, not everybody falls into the example listed above. To see a detailed document for smoke alarm and carbon monoxide requirements in your Massachusetts home, click/tap here.

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