More news coming in on the incident involving the two men who drowned in Vermont's Seymour Lake yesterday morning, April 19th. And apparently, both bodies were identified, and both men were from Massachusetts.

According to a media statement from the Vermont State Police, Tuesday evening, members of the Vermont State Police SCUBA Team recovered the bodies of two drowning victims from Seymour Lake in the town of Morgan.

Vermont State Police also reported that the bodies of both men have been identified as Aidan Connolly, 27, of Roslindale, and Nicholas Samuels, 29, of Weston, both in Massachusetts.

Connolly and Samuels were found about 100 yards from shore in Seymour Lake. The bodies were transported to Burlington where the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner can determine the cause of death.

According to an investigation by the police, Connolly and Samuels set out in a single kayak from a protected cove where the conditions on the open lake were not readily apparent.

At the time of the incident, the weather was not great. Cold, rainy, windy, with conditions worsening as the day went on. Seymour Lake became very choppy with significant waves, ice, and slush.

The investigation, which is still ongoing, is being performed by the Vermont State Police ably assisted by several local and state agencies. To get the full story, check out the media statement from the VSP here.

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