There are lots of great deals for Cyber Monday this year. But here are some mistakes to avoid if you're shopping online today

Shopping for the sake of a sale. I hate to say it but I am the first to look for the clearance sign! but I am getting better at impulse buying sale items. A lot of people buy stuff just because it's on sale. So ask yourself if you're actually excited about the product, or did they trick you into buying something you don't actually want.

Think about delivery times. There's still plenty of time for the post office to deliver stuff, but due to the pandemic we are all living through now warehouses have had staffing issues. So double-check the estimated shipping dates before you buy anything.

Don't wait until the last minute tonight to start shopping. A lot of stuff will be sold out by then. So if you want the best deals, start early.

Don't ignore travel deals this year. Airlines and hotels are offering even crazier deals because of COVID-19. And you can book way ahead of time for later next year. So pay less now and travel later is a good motto.

Don't get scammed. Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. So make sure you really trust the website before you give them your credit card info. You can always surf the web to find out more about a company.

This is something I have seen sent to me before, luckily I knew it was bogus. Be careful about the bogus shipping updates that have been really widespread this year. That's when you get a text or email that looks like it's from UPS or FedEx, with a link they want you to click. If the link looks suspicious, don't click it.

One more thing, some online sites are extending their Cyber Shopping deals to give people more time to shop.
Happy Cyber Shopping!

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