It looks like we will have Red Sox Baseball back on the air in July.

Major League Baseball has issued a 60-game schedule that will start July 23rd or 24th in empty ballparks. The league is trying to push ahead amid the coronavirus following months of back and forth bickering. The union committed its members to start reporting July 1st, more than four months after players last stepped on the baseball diamond.

Due to coronavirus, however, things will be a little bit different than what we are used to. The most obvious difference will be the lack of any fans in the stands. The MLB will also be trying out some unusual new rules over this shortened season. There will be a designated hitter in the National League and extra innings will start with an automatic runner on second base.

Even though it will be a short season, someone will win the World Series. The question is… how legitimate the championship will be. That is something that will be debated for years to come most likely.

The season itself will be the leagues shortest season since 1878.

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