Change is a part of life and one change that is coming up at the end of September pertains to Netflix. In case you haven't heard Netflix is doing away with it's 25-year DVD rental by mail service. With the last disc being shipped out on Sept. 29.

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To some, Netflix shutting down its rental service probably isn't a big deal as streaming is the preferred choice of viewing content by most. For me, it will be sad to see the rental service go. When my wife and I moved to Pittsfield back in 2011 we immediately signed up for the rental service and still have it as of this writing. Even though we have subscriptions to four streaming services, the Netflix disc rental service still had titles that we weren't able to find on the streaming services, particularly in the Horror genre. This is part of the reason why we have held on to it for so long.

Another reason why I see value in the Netflix DVD rental service is you can actually watch the bonus content on the discs which you can't enjoy on the streaming services. Plus, for people who live in areas where there isn't high-speed internet, I would imagine that they would be particularly sad to see the rental service shut down. Obviously, there is not enough demand and/or profit to keep the DVD rental service going. It's definitely the end of an era. The good news is that come the end of September, you'll be able to keep whatever Netflix discs you have without being charged.

What do you think? Does it make you sad to see the Netflix DVD rental service say goodbye or does it not really matter to you since there are so many streaming services to choose from? One thing is for sure, we'll never see those red envelopes in our mailboxes again.

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