The Pittsfield City Council has opted to get rid of the “no turn on red” sign at West Street and Valentine Road. The move comes despite some concerns raised by city engineer, Ricardo Morales. reports that councilors Anthony Simonelli and John Krol have petitioned to remove the sign, which lets people know that they cannot take a right turn off of West Street and onto Valentine Road in its own separate lane. Under the ruling the sign is being taken down and a traffic light will allow for those in the turning lane to take a right on red at the intersection.

City councilor John Krol called the sign annoying saying that a lot of people don't follow it anyway. After a sightline analysis, Morales says that the sign is there because there is only 135 feet of sight distance for vehicles on West to see others coming straight on Jason Street - and that there should be 240 feet. He further says that people creep onto the crosswalk to stop instead of at the stop line where they should.

Councilor Simonelli says that Jason Street, which is on the opposite side of Valentine, is not a well-traveled road and there haven't been any crash issues there, even with people ignoring the sign.

Councilor At Large Peter White, who lives on Jason Street, travels that road often. He says that he never understood why the sign was there and agreed that the intersection hasn't been an issue.

The council approved it unanimously but did raise concerns about the process. The Traffic Commission approved it unanimously provided the sightline analysis came back clean.

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