Subject: Shooting Incident

Authored By: Lieutenant John Soules

Authorized By: Chief Michael Wynn

Released At: 3 September 2019 12:22 AM

On Tuesday 9/3/2019 at approximately 3:29 am, officers with the Pittsfield Police Department responded to the intersection of Daniels Avenue and Union Street for a Shot Spotter activation. Evidence of a shooting was later recovered in that area. Dispatch advised responding officers that a Jeep Cherokee may have been involved. While responding to the scene, Officer Lupisella observed a Jeep Cherokee operating one street away from the Shot Spotter location.

Officer Lupisella observed that the Jeep failed to stop at a stop sign and he attempted to initiate a traffic stop. The vehicle failed to stop for the officer and began to flee at a high rate of speed. The vehicle ran several stop signs and operated the wrong way down the one-way portion of Bradford Street. The vehicle, travelling eastbound, crossed all lanes of North Street without stopping. It struck the curb on the east side of the street, crashed through the iron fence of St. Joseph Church, and struck a tree on the church property. The fence and church lawn were damaged. The Jeep’s airbags were deployed and the vehicle sustained considerable damage.

The operator, identified as 28 year old Domingo Sobers, was the lone occupant of the vehicle. Officers noted that he exhibited signs of being under the influence of alcohol. EMS responded to the scene and Sobers declined medical attention. When officers looked inside of his vehicle, they observed a 9mm handgun in plain view within the interior. As a result of the incident, Sobers was placed under arrest and charged with the following charges. Sobers will be arraigned today in Central Berkshire District Court.

· M.G.L. Chp. 89 Sec. 4A Marked Lanes Violation
· M.G.L. Chp. 89 Sec. 9 Failure to Stop at a Red Light.
· M.G.L. Chp. 90 Sec. 16 Improper Operation of a Motor Vehicle
· M.G.L. Chp. 90 Sec. 24J Operation Under the Influence of Liquor
· M.G.L. Chp. 90 Sec. 24E Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle
· M.G.L. Chp. 90 Sec. 25D Failure to Stop for Police
· M.G.L. Chp. 269 Sec. 10J Possesion of Firearm without a License
· M.G.L. Chp. 269 Sec. 12E Discharge of a firearm within 500 Ft. of a Building

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