It's always great to hear news stories concerning "good Samaritans", isn't it? Somebody who(sometimes without even thinking) commits either a heroic act or simply just performs a good deed.

Thanks to a good Samaritan in Pittsfield yesterday, a building's residents were alerted to a fire within their residence on North Street. Were it not for that good Samaritan, the situation might have become a lot worse.

Here's the rundown of what happened, according to a media statement from the Pittsfield Fire Department(PFD). At approximately 7:30 a.m. on Sunday, January 8, fire crews responded to a possible structure fire at 1223 North Street.

Turns out that a helpful neighbor who happened to notice smoke coming from the building's roofline placed the 911 call. The PFD reports that the good Samaritan knocked on the doors of the residence and alerted the occupants about the fire.

Upon arrival, firefighters noticed flames showing through some second-story windows and got to work. The fire was contained to one room on the second floor and thanks to multiple fire crews working together, the blaze was brought under control and extinguished in less than 30 minutes.

As of this time, no damage estimates were available for the two-family apartment building. Good news, though. No occupants were displaced and thankfully there were no civilian or firefighter injuries or casualties reported.

The origin and cause of the fire were looked into by the Pittsfield Fire Department's Fire  Investigation Unit. They determined that the cause of the fire was accidental careless disposal of smoking materials.

The Pittsfield Fire Department would also like to thank the good Samaritan whose quick actions to alert the building's occupants and notify the fire department surely minimized the damage to the structure and save lives.

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