Bicyclists and bicycle enthusiasts of all ages in the city of Pittsfield have something to look forward to, as the City of Pittsfield has now completed its Bicycle Facilities Master Plan. The plan aims to establish a safe, comfortable, and connected bicycle network throughout the city that is accessible to people of all ages and abilities. A final presentation of the plan will be shared via a presentation on Zoom this evening (Monday) at 6 pm.   

A link to the plan through the project website is available on the homepage of the city’s website,, under “Hot Topics.” 

This project has resulted in the identification of short-term and long-term improvements that will link the city’s neighborhoods and downtown, as well as needed accessory infrastructure, such as storage and maintenance... While the project included two formal public meetings, the development of this master plan also included stakeholder meetings, input from a community survey this past spring, as well as updates through an interactive mapping tool on the project website. ~ City Planner CJ Hoss 


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According to Hoss, the Bicycle Facilities Master Plan provides the city with a long-term citywide vision for a bicycle network and to grow beyond a ‘one-street-at-a-time’ planning approach. The project will be led by Kittleson and Associations, Inc., a nationally renowned transportation-focused consulting firm.  

The plan has several project goals and objectives including developing a citywide plan that is based on transportation, land use, and demographic factors; prioritizing plan recommendations for full-scale build out over time; recommending bicycle facility types for preferred and alternative routes in the network; and identifying complementary bicycle facilities such as bicycle racks, maintenance stations, and bike-share stations. 

If you would like to take part in tonight’s meeting, you can do so via Zoom.  

The meeting ID is 83323710276 or The meeting will also be broadcast via PCTV. 


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