Berkshire News Network Director Tom Conklin sat down with Paul Gentile, the CEO of Cooperative Credit Union, Kara Graziola, Berkshire Elder Services Client Supervisor and Cindy Shogry-Raimer, Director of Community Development for Greylock Federal Credit Union, to discuss protecting the elderly against financial abuse.

Paul Gentile gives a description and examples of Elder Financial Abuse:

Elder Financial abuse is when a person gets taken advantage of from someone and gets access to their funds either willingly or unwillingly. You can have typical fraudsters that do typical scams, saying they won the lottery, things like that. You also have the harder ones to deal with who are actual family members that are actually part of the fraud of the elder.

In this chat you'll be able to learn more about financial elder abuse, recognize the signs of financial elder abuse, how big of a problem this issue is in the United States, how to prevent future fraud attempts on the elderly and more. This conversation is brought to you by the Cooperative Credit Union Association.

The Elder Abuse Hotline # is: 1-800-922-2275

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