Have you noticed the local gas prices here in the Berkshires creeping up more and more lately? Well, there is good reason for the price spikes. Of course, just because there’s an explanation, doesn’t mean we have to like it.  

Since Monday, the national gas price average has increased ten cents to $2.60. This quick 4-day jump is a direct result of all major Gulf Coast refineries being impacted by the recent storm, which has caused gas supplies to tighten and pump prices to increase, according to AAA Northeast. 

The pump price increases have also been felt locally. Since Monday, Rhode Island’s average price for unleaded has jumped six cents to $2.52 per gallon, while in Massachusetts, prices have gone up seven cents this week, to $2.54. Obviously if you are filling your family truckster with premium or whatever the next better fuel is, you’re paying even more. 

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The situation is very similar to a Gulf Coast hurricane’s impact. Refineries come offline, and until damage (if any) is assessed and operations are back up and running, supply is tight, especially with road conditions and power outages (mostly in Texas) reducing fuel deliveries – if stations even have power to accept them... Until things thaw out and Gulf Coast refineries are running again (likely early next week), we do expect more expensive pump prices across the country. ~ Mary Maguire, AAA Northeast Director of Public and Government Affairs  


If you’re one of those high thrill seekers that “Live for the E” like I am... then maybe you can make your cars tank of gas last a little longer, but you’ll have to fill up eventually. When you do, you can use the AAA Mobile App to find the cheapest local gas prices. It works for me.

Now... let’s hit the road! 


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