So after talking about recycling on Earth Day Monday, Tom and I were talking about what and how what you put in your recycling bins, and we got a call from one of our listeners who said she had called the mayors office to see what and how these items need to be disposed of to get them recycled.  The caller also informed us that you have to take the paper off of the cans and bottles etc have to be washed. You may know some of this and some not but it is interesting and useful.

As I was looking through the City of Pittsfield I came across this information. If you have been told something different please contact us at

Republic Services collects the City's residential recyclables and delivers them to Covanta on Hubbard Avenue.  The City contracts with Covanta to consolidate our recyclables into 100 cubic yard trailers and deliver the recyclables to a facility in Springfield.

Republic Services collects paper recycling and cans/bottles/plastics/other container recycling on alternate weeks on your regular trash collection day.  Please refer to our Curbside Collection Route Map or Curbside Collection Route Listing to find which day of the week your trash collection is scheduled for.  Newspapers, corrugated cardboard, etc. will be collected on one week and glass bottles and containers the next.  All recyclables must be out at the curb* by 7:00 AM and in a manner acceptable for collection.

Residents who choose to participate in the City’s recycling efforts may pick up their free 18 gallon Blue Bins and Recycling Calendar from the Department of Public Utilities Administration Office between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  The Office is located at 100 North Street, Floor M (Mezzanine), Pittsfield, MA 01201.  Please contact the Department of Public Utilities Administration Office at (413) 499-9330 if you should have any questions.

Below you will find a summary of what items are recyclable:

PAPER:  All paper and cardboard must be clean & dry

  • Junk mail (plastic windows okay);
  • Boxboard – cereal, shoe, cracker boxes, clean pizza boxes, etc. (remove plastic liners);
  • Newspapers/inserts;
  • Magazines/catalogs;
  • Paper bags;
  • White and colored office paper;
  • Computer paper;
  • Corrugated cardboard (flatten, remove tape and do not tie with string); and
  • Paperbacks and phone books (covers okay).

CONTAINERS:  Remember to rinse containers before recycling.

  • Glass bottles/jars – only clear, green, or brown, less than 2.5 gallons (labels, lids, neck rings, etc. are ok);
  • Aluminum/tin/steel cans and lids;
  • Aluminum foil (labels are ok);
  • EMPTY aerosol cans – health, beauty, laundry or food products only (do not puncture, pierce flatten or remove nozzles);
  • Milk, drink boxes & juice cartons – tent top (remove straws and caps, flatten)
  • Plastic bottles, jars, and tubs (caps, lids, and pumps are ok - but must be left on the container - no loose caps or lids); and
  • Clear plastic hinged containers/clamshells (no clamshells that are black plastic, Styrofoam or compostable).

Please note:  Light bulbs, window or auto glass, dishes, glasses, Pyrex, ceramics, broken glass, paint cans or other household metal objects, plastic bags, containers over 2.5 gallons, flower pots, motor oil jugs, chemical or Styrofoam containers cannot be recycled.


  • White Goods: appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washers, dryers and stoves
  • Construction/Demo:  sheetrock, tile, brick, concrete, etc.
  • Yard Waste: leaves, brush, grass, hedge clippings, etc.
  • Miscellaneous Items:  TVs, computer monitors, lead-acid batteries, air conditioners and stumps

Please refer to the following guides for further recycling information:
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