The City North Adams will be honoring slain U.S. Capitol Police officer, Billy Evans this evening as his body is returned to the Northern Berkshires for burial. Evans was killed on Friday, April 2nd, when a driver rammed his car into a checkpoint he was guarding at the Capitol. reports that Evans will be escorted home in a procession that will travel along Route 2 in North Adams, turning at the Veterans Memorial to proceed down Main Street and then from there along Route 8 to the Paciorek Funeral Home in Adams. A private service and burial will be held for his family at Bellevue Cemetery in Adams Thursday.

Members of Evans’ family were at the U.S. Capitol Rotunda Tuesday, where he was lying in honor for most of the day. There were viewing periods for his brothers and sisters of the U.S. Capitol Police force, members of Congress, and of course the family. President Joe Biden took part in a ceremony for Evans, describing him as "defined by his dignity, his decency, his loyalty, and his courage." After the day's events, the long journey back to the northern Berkshires for Evans’ remains began around 6:30 pm.

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U.S. Capitol Police Officer William Evans Lies In Honor In Capitol Rotunda
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(Above: Family members of U.S. Capitol Police Officer William Evans, including wife Shannon Terranova, their 9-year-old son Logan and 7-year-old daughter Abigail, watch as his casket is carried by a joint service honor guard down the East Front steps of the Capitol after lying in honor in the Rotunda on April 13, 2021 in Washington, DC. Evans was killed and another wounded after a man rammed through security and crashed into a barrier at the complex, forcing it into lockdown less than three months after the mob insurrection at Congress.)

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