The US government is receiving dozens of reports of unidentified anomalous phenomena throughout Massachusetts and other states nationwide each month. The office has received approximately 800 reports of unidentified objects to investigate. Numbers from The Bay State have not been available just yet.


As of this past April, statistics show the nationwide trend went up from 650 reports in August 2022, Sean Kirkpatrick is head of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office at the Pentagon. He recently told  CNN nearly all of these new reports refer to objects observed in the air; and only one comes from a maritime sighting.

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The vast majority showed sightings of balloons or drones, but some may be the result of America’s adversaries trying to spy on the United States. Kirkpatrick exclusively told CNN this is a report regarding unidentified aerial phenomena

“There are some indicators that are concerning that may be attributed to foreign activity, and we are investigating those very hard,”

13. Airport (1970)

Object sightings may represent an issue for flight safety (even Dean Martin, pictured above is keeping an eye on this carefully as he piloted the plane featured in the 1970 blockbuster movie "Airport"). Most observations come from near restricted military airspace, likely a result from the additional sensors and radars around the facilities. A portion of the reports comes from the Federal Aviation Administration, as they monitor airspace around US airports starting to provide information to the Pentagon as they are preparing for a flood of new reports as it readies two new portals for submissions.

Congress Meets As Government Shutdown Looms
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But there is some controversy in this matter as a July hearing in Congress drove the interest even higher. David Grusch, a former Air Force intelligence officer, alleged that the government has covered up its research into the sightings, a claim Kirkpatrick flatly denied as he had a rebuttal to these accusations:

“If anybody thinks that they know where those things are, they should be coming to talk to us. That’s why we have set up this entire architecture for people to securely come in and talk to us.”

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BOTTOM LINE: I have a solution to this debacle. let's put our favorite UFO couple, Arno and Kathy Pinsonnault to work as they are ready for another paranormal adventure. And they will give us "the facts". As Sgt. Joe Friday used to say: "Just The Facts!"

(Some information obtained in this article courtesy of a story that aired on The Cable News Network- C-N-N with other content provided by their web site

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