What else do we need in 2020…how about an asteroid the size of a football stadium set to wiz by earth on Saturday.

Why not, we've already had a global pandemic, the highest unemployment rate ever, rioting in the streets, and a financial collapse.

2002 NN4 is the name given to this hunk of space rock. According to NASA it is predicted to pass just over 3 million miles away from our planet traveling at over 20,000 miles per hour.  Try to match that in your new Tesla.

Scientist say that there is no danger to earth, but than again think about what else has happened in 2020.

According to NASA asteroids pass earth all the time with little to no fanfare.  As a matter of fact, at least eight asteroids will pass earth by the end of the weekend.  The size of 2002 NN4 is much larger than the others.

Yesterday an asteroid passed earth about 1,830,000 miles and was 97 feet long, the size of a large aircraft.  Today another space rock the size of and aircraft will pass about 3,850,000 miles away.  Friday a house-sized asteroid will come a bit closer at 2,780,000 miles from us…and Saturday the Gillette Stadium size rock will speed by.

Astronomers are tracking thousands of asteroids, comets and other space objects that could potentially threaten our planet.  It is estimated that over 20,000 asteroids cruise by each year.

NASA actually has an office that tracks all sorts of objects in space.  It is called the Planetary Defense Coordination Office.  They track, detect and characterizes near-earth objects (NEO).

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