There have been some interesting events happening in the skies lately. The most popular that you likely have heard about by now was the spacecraft that NASA launched into space at an asteroid to test whether or not it could cause the asteroid to redirect its course. While that mission was a success for NASA, it wasn't what was being reported in the skies over Massachusetts yesterday (September 26th). So, then what were we seeing in the sky over the Bay State?

Videos were sent in of an odd string of lights that baffled sky-watchers. The string of lights looks like something you might see in a re-enactment video in an episode of 'Unsolved Mysteries'. It seemed like some Bay Staters who saw the unusual light display might eventually be on an upcoming episode of the show until we found out what the lights were. One couple even thought maybe it was migrating geese with headlights on, as narrated in the video. But see for yourself. What is that thing?

The video comes courtesy of what was sent in to WCVB in Boston. It was taken from Plymouth, MA.

As it turns out, the lights ended up being Starlink Satellites (although the chyron has 'Satellites' spelled with two 'T's). The satellites are operated by SpaceX. So, no, the string of lights weren't some sort of other worldly spaceship or the spacecraft sent by NASA to hit the asteroid.

As for the NASA project, their spacecraft, DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test), is being deemed a success after it made a direct hit on the asteroid. The project's intention is hoping to used for a planetary defense, should an asteroid be on a direct crash course with Earth.

That would probably have made a lot more sense to use in the plot of the movie 'Armageddon' instead of training oil drillers so that you can send them into space, in hopes of them inserting a nuclear bomb into the asteroid, in order to save the world. That,...really was the plot of what was a blockbuster movie in 1998, starring Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis.


In the meantime, keep looking up, and if you've seen 'Armageddon', please don't think for a second that oil drillers can be trained to become astronauts within a matter of days!

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