State Senator Adam Hinds on Thursday chaired the first meeting of the newly created Special Massachusetts State Senate Committee on Reimagining Massachusetts: Post Pandemic Resiliency. According to a press release from Hinds’ office, the Committee will examine weaknesses in areas of the Commonwealth that were exposed due to the pandemic and how to adapt to create a more resilient and equitable Commonwealth.

We are simultaneously grappling with the inequalities that COVID has highlighted in terms of health outcomes and economic insecurity, while understanding the changing nature of work, telemedicine, and our downtowns... We all feel the urgency to not merely recover from COVID, we have a real opportunity to create a stronger economy, society and Commonwealth.... The future of work is a critical aspect of life to reimagine in a post-pandemic Commonwealth... We are considering how to re-envision workforce training and supporting workers and businesses alike as remote work has become much more common in the past year. ~ Senator Adam Hinds


Senator Hinds, who also serves as the Senate chair of the Joint Committee on Revenue, was appointed by Senate President Karen E. Spilka (D-Ashland) to the newly created committee.

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The Committee agreed to conduct ongoing listening sessions throughout the Commonwealth with topical experts and regional input. The Committee will work to release findings and recommendations regularly during the course of its work.

The 7 members of the Senate Committee on Reimagining Massachusetts Post-Pandemic Resiliency are:

1. Senator Adam G. Hinds, Chair

2. Senator Jason M. Lewis, Vice Chair

3. Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz

4. Senator Patricia D. Jehlen

5. Senator John F. Keenan

6. Senator Joan B. Lovely

7. Senator Patrick M. O'Connor, Ranking Minority

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