We have been talking plenty about unique and little-known laws lately. One law that is pretty well known and that some Berkshire County folks have been ignoring as of late is a school bus-related law. The reason this topic deserves attention is that I'm seeing more and more motorists in Berkshire County, drive around school buses when the buses are stopped to pick up/drop off children before/after school. Clearly, some people are in a rush and are willing to take a risk.

In addition to witnessing this law being ignored by some Berkshire County motorists, I have seen discussions about this issue on social media. Most would agree that passing a school bus when it is stopped would cause concern for many residents as it puts children at risk.

A Prime Example of a Motorist Violating This Massachusetts Law was Posted to the Sheffield Police Department's Facebook page:

What's The Punishment for Violating This Massachusetts Law? 

According to the Massachusetts Legislature, the first offense for violating this law is $250. The second offense is $500. The third offense is $1,000. After that, the violator's license could be revoked. You can read all of the details pertaining to this law by going here.

The above information is some good food for thought. In my opinion, it's worth slowing down, stopping, and obeying the law. Giving yourself extra time in the morning instead of passing a stopped school bus is the way to go as children won't be put in a dangerous situation. Plus, you won't have to worry about the financial and additional penalties that come with breaking this law.

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