If you watched NBC Nightly News on Tuesday night, you may have noticed a familiar Berkshire County holiday landmark; the Town of Stockbridge.

This past weekend, Stockbridge opened up the holiday season, officially, with their "Main Street at Christmas" celebration. The event was sponsored by the Stockbridge Chamber of Commerce and featured a variety of activities for all ages, including holiday readings, house tours, concerts and caroling.

On Sunday, the biggest attraction took place; the recreation of the infamous Norman Rockwell painting, "Main Street at Christmas." The town turns back the clock to the 1950s  adding nostalgic influences to the event, such as vintage automobiles. Children in the area jumped into the holiday spirit when they received a visit from Santa Claus himself and horse drawn rides.

The "Main Street at Christmas" celebration also had some more visitors to shed light on the annual event, NBC Nightly News, who featured Sunday's Rockwell painting recreation. If you missed the piece on Tuesday night, you can watch the video below.

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