The Baker-Polito Administration today announced the establishment of summer learning opportunities and the availability of more than $70 million in funding for school districts and community organizations in Massachusetts to offer summer learning and recreational programs that will help students, who have been impacted by a year of remote and hybrid learning, grow academically and socially. 

According to a media release from the Governor’s office, students at every grade level will have opportunities to take part in a mix of academic and recreational programs offered at schools, after-school providers, community colleges and recreation sites. Governor Charlie Baker, Lt. Governor Karyn Polito, Education Secretary James Peyser and Elementary and Secondary Education Commissioner Jeffrey Riley made the announcement while visiting Galvin Middle School in Canton, where school officials are planning to boost learning opportunities for students this summer. 

All middle schools in the Commonwealth were required to return to full time in-person learning this week. Elementary schools returned on April 5th, and high schools will be required to return by May 17th. 

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Our administration has long maintained that children are best served academically, socially and emotionally when learning in-person and in the classroom...After a challenging school year for students, teachers and staff, the focus must now shift to recouping any learning loss experienced remotely to ensure that our children are equipped for success in the classroom and beyond. ~ Governor Charlie Baker 


Education Secretary James Peyser says this won’t be a one and done project... 

As important as this summer will be to jumpstarting educational recovery, we must all embrace the reality that this will not be a one-and-done project...It will be a challenge we will continue work to resolve for both individual children and our public education system as a whole. 


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