One weekend that folks in Massachusetts look forward to is the tax-free weekend (a.k.a. sales tax holiday). It's an opportunity to purchase select items without having the added expense of sales tax. Retail items that you plan on purchasing for personal use like furniture, appliances, computers, lawn & garden equipment, and more can save you quite a bit of money if you opt to buy them during the sales tax holiday. I bought my snowblower during the sales tax holiday a few years ago and I was glad I did as the savings really added up. I can say I'm a big fan of the tax-free weekend in Massachusetts.

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When is the Sales Tax Holiday Taking Place in Massachusetts This Year? 

Massachusetts has yet to officially set a date for the sales tax holiday in 2023. The website Real Sophisticated Consumer: Leah Ingram, has posted information indicating that Massachusetts's sales tax holiday will occur this year on August 12 and 13 however that hasn't yet been made official by the state as still has last year's dates listed on its site. In addition, the Federation of Tax Administrators lists the U.S. states that have been confirmed to participate in this year's sales tax holiday and Massachusetts does not have a date at this point, instead, TBD is in the field where an official date would be listed. As a matter of fact, the only New England State that has confirmed dates according to that site is Connecticut and those dates are August 20-26 (some states participate in the sales tax holiday for more than two days and have a sales tax holiday week).

So, keep your eyes and ears open, it's very likely that Massachusetts will participate in the annual sales tax holiday this year, we're just waiting on the state for a confirmation on which dates will be selected for the holiday. What big purchase will you be making during the sales tax holiday this year?  

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