Every year the American Kennel Club releases a list of the most popular dog breeds of the year. This week the 2021 list was released by the AKC.   According to their website, the list was compiled based on registration data.

This year like in 30 past years the #1 most popular dog breed in the country was the Labrador Retriever. According to the AKC report, it’s “the Lab’s temperament and versatility are just two of the traits that contribute to its perennial popularity.”

All toll there are 197 breeds listed. At the very bottom of the list is the Norwegian Lundehund a very rare breed according to the AKC. A notable increase back into the top 5 on the list is the poodle. Out of the top 5 since 1997.

The American Kennel Club's Top 20 List:
1 Labrador Retriever
2 French Bulldog
3 Golden Retriever
4 German Shepherd
5 Poodles
6 Bulldogs
7 Beagles
8 Rottweilers
9 Pointers
10 Dachshunds
11 Pembroke Welsh Corgis
12 Australian Shepherds
13 Yorkshire Terriers
14 Boxers
15 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
16 Doberman Pinschers
17 Great Danes
18 Miniature Schnauzers
19 Siberian Huskies
20 Bernese Mountain Dogs

Click on this link to the American Kennel Clubs Most Popular Dog Breed of 2021.

A reminder that many Berkshire communities including Pittsfield require a dog owner to register their 4-legged friend by the end of March. There is often a discount if your pooch is spayed and neutered. Owning a dog without a license could lead to fines. You can access information or license your dog at your city or town clerks’ office at your city or town hall.

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