With St. Patrick’s Day well underway we came across an interesting study by the personal finance company FinanceBuzz. According to FinanceBuzz on St. Patrick’s Day, millions of pints of Guinness will be consumed globally today. Being a finance company, they set out to find out the average cost for a pint of Guinness and the average cost of that pint per state.

To determine the cost of a pint of Guinness goodness, the FinanceBuzz team researched the average cost for a pint at watering holes in every state. Their study shows that the average cost around the U.S. is $6.70 for a pint.

Massachusetts is Among the States with the Highest Cost for a Pint of Guinness

Massachusetts ranks 3rd among states averaging over $8.00 for a pint of Guinness. While the average cost is exactly $8.00 in Mass, California is the most expensive state to buy a pint of Guinness today according to the FinanceBuzz study. On average in Calli, a pint will cost you $8.55. Those partying in Vegas will be paying the second-highest average cost. Nevada has the 2nd highest cost for a Guinness pint averaging $8.54. The District of Columbia’s average is $8.10 followed by Massachusetts.

Celebrating The Countdown To St. Patrick's Day With Guinness And Special Guest Nick Offerman
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The least expensive state to buy a pint of Guinness according to the study is in Montana. There you’ll have to only dish out $5.00. Alabama is the second cheapest state to buy a pint at $5.35, followed by Iowa at $5.60 and South Dakota ringing the register at $5.70 a pint.


Other interesting insights were released in the study. You can access the complete study by clicking on this link to the FinanceBuzz report on "The Cost of a Pint of Guinness in Every State.”

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